• "I cannot stress how much I love doing what I do at Fish, and when I style your hair I hope this love oozes off of me and onto you!”


    Antonia’s story about how she decided to become a stylist is kind of fun, and it says a lot about the kind of person she is:

    “When I was a teenager I worked in a grocery store. One day a customer asked who did my hair. She wanted the same style for a wedding. I just blurted out ‘I could do it for you’ and suddenly, with absolutely no training and no experience and no plans to be a stylist, I had my first hair-styling customer.

    That was the moment I decided this was what I needed to do with my fun, creative self!”

    Although Antonia’s career decision was spontaneous, her next move was deliberate and thoughtful. She took a road trip and "auditioned" every styling school on Vancouver Island, in person. Within a couple of years she had earned her certificate, moved to Victoria and landed a job at Fish. That was ten years ago, and today she is one of Fish’s respected Senior Stylists.

    Antonia says she was inspired by a bit of career advice from her father (whom she describes as a “a very inspiring man”). He told her “Whatever you choose to do in life is fine as long as there is life-long learning.” Antonia took the advice to heart: twice a year she attends Bumble and Bumble University in New York City, a famous advanced styling school. She attends more classes at Bumble than any other stylist in Victoria.

    “These courses always challenge me to move out to the edge, and I always go back to my clients in Victoria with fresh ideas for cutting and styling and colouring. BBU also inspires us to dig down inside ourselves and find new ways to build personal connections with the guests in our salon chair.”

  • “I love being a part of my clients’ lives – they come and see me for birthdays, grads, weddings, job interviews and promotions!”


    Yasmin is Fish's colour guru.

    She is an American Board Certified Haircolorist, and twice won gold medals from the L'Oréal Colour Trophy competition. Her work appears in several magazines and in the movies, and Yasmin has been interviewed on television - where she talked about industry trends.

    Yasmin started her career in the mid 1990's with an extended two-year apprenticeship. Her training has been pretty well continuous ever since: She regularly attends local colouring courses to stay up-to-date with innovation in the industry, and has travelled to specialized training in San Francisco, New York, London, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Los Angeles - just to name a few.

    She also teaches in-house classes for all the stylists at Fish. She frequently teaches outside Fish as a guest instructor at several hair schools, and recently became a network educator for Bumble and Bumble, a New York-based salon whose in-house line of hair products is used in high-end salons around the world.

    In spite of all Yasmin's technical expertise, her greatest satisfaction at Fish comes from the human connections:

    "What's really important is that our guests leave my chair feeling more confident and happier than when they arrived."

  • “I love making people feel their best, and opening their eyes to new possibilities.”


    James has worked as a stylist at Fish, his one and only salon, since 2010.

    He wanted to work at Fish so badly he started off applying as a receptionist while attending styling school. At the job interview owner Donna Dyer saw James’ passion for styling and sensed his talent, and hired him to work the cutting floor as an assistant.

    James hasn’t looked back, and today he is preparing to sit for certification by the American Board of Hair Colorists. For James it’s not just about the techniques and the tools, the real pleasure of his work at Fish comes from making his “guests” feel great:

    “I remember a middle aged woman with tight curly hair, it had never been smoothed out in a blow out. She was astounded, almost in tears. What an amazing moment!”

    James believes that looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good you approach everything in life with more confidence, including the really important goals.

  • “If I can make my ‘guests’ at Fish feel pampered and cared for, I’ve done my job right.”


    Sarah signed up for musical theatre in high school and, to her surprise, discovered she loved doing hair and makeup a lot more than being on stage.

    That discovery changed her life.

    After graduation Sarah’s first job was in a salon, where she worked as an untrained assistant. Assistants can’t cut or style, and eventually her creativity called out for more! After a year at one of Victoria’s top styling schools Fish invited Sarah to join its learning-intense Junior Stylist Program in December 2012.

    “I fit right in at Fish. My approach is that creativity and skill aren’t enough by themselves, human contact is a very powerful part of what we do. My goal is to help people relax, feel their best, and feel pampered."

    Sarah believes a stylist’s responsibility doesn’t end when the client walks out the door:

    “Helping someone learn to style their hair at home is one of my favourite parts of the job. If we take time to share a little lesson while people are with us in the Salon, they can look and feel great all the time. I love being in an industry where I can meet different people every day, and develop a look customized just for them, while making them feel like a million bucks.”

  • "Even if your makeup is perfect and your clothes are totally hot- you still need good hair to finish the look. That's where I love helping out."


    Many of Fish stylists got their start as school children enthusiastically volunteering to style friends and family just for the fun of it. But when it came to "playing hair-dresser," Sandra has everyone else beat: she actually gave haircuts to her dolls!

    "I knew really early I wanted to be a stylist. After I finished with the dolls, I took a co-op term at a salon when I was just 12 years old [they do things like this in Switzerland, where she grew up] and then I was sure I loved it."

    When she reached ninth grade she switched from regular high school and started a four-year Swiss apprenticeship in styling hair - a learning experience that enabled her to master professional styling skills at a relatively young age.

    Before moving to Canada she spent several years working as a stylist in Europe - where she also took additional training at world-leading institutes like L'Oréal and Pivot Point.

    Sandra was so excited about getting back into the salon world when she arrived in Canada that she actually volunteered at a high-end spa in Vancouver.

    "It kept me sharp and I stayed connected with new fashion trends. It was a great way to start meeting Canadian clients and connecting with BC stylists."

    She didn't have to volunteer for long - Fish quickly snapped up Sandra and "kidnapped" her to Victoria. By early 2014 she was sharing all that first-hand international styling experience with a growing list of Victorians.

  • “Self confidence is tied directly to the way we look, and I get to spend all day long helping other people feel more confident about themselves.”


    Many of the stylists at Fish remember playing “hairdresser” when they were very young, but Robyn is in a class all her own: as a child she actually used those big fat bingo-card markers to colour her friends’ hair.

    “I just thought it was so cool you could change someone’s whole look by changing their hair.”

    By the time Robyn was 13 her friends had started paying her to cut and style, and when she finally graduated from high school she immediately jumped into stylist’s training at summer school.

    “I was a creative kid, a driven teenager and, as an adult, I’ve loved every day at Fish since day one.”

    Robyn doesn’t use bingo markers to colour hair any more, but she is available four days a week to colour, cut and style the Fish guests she has already connected with, and for newcomers looking for some fresh, creative thinking.

  • “I love working with ‘classic hair’– short to long – and making it look totally gorgeous.”


    At Fish Shannon cuts, styles and colours everyone and everything, but her favourite hair is what she calls "the classic: long, cascading and tumbling."

    "With classic hair the goal is highlighting and enhancing soft feminine beauty. 'Gorgeous' is the goal."

    Every now and then one of Shannon's classic-haired clients decides to get married, and their special day at the altar often starts with a special up-do session in the styling chair:

    "I always love that moment when I finish the bride's hair, put in the veil and finally turn the chair to face the mirror. Just picture it! They're so happy... and I'm so excited for them!"

    Shannon worked at three salons during her eight year career as a stylist - and two of those salons are Fish and Fish. She spent her first five years at Fish, and returned for "round two" last summer after running off for a couple of years and working as a stylist in Bermuda (lucky lady!).

    Globetrotting is nothing new for Shannon, who was born in Great Britain, grew up in the Middle East and moved to Victoria in 2002. After completing her training as a hair stylist she went back to England for post-graduate study at Vidal Sassoon before re-settling in Victoria and starting her initial gig at Fish.

    "I love the combination of travel and training - I've been to Bumble & bumble university in New York several times, I went back to London for a second refresher course at Sassoon, and I studied cutting in Los Angeles with Nick Arrojo - the stylist from the TV show "What Not To Wear."

  • “I am so blessed that I have a career that I love! I get to make people feel beautiful everyday – how wonderful is that!?”

    Advanced Stylist

    Angela started doing hair in 2004 where she started her career at a high end salon where she expanded her talents and skill sets as a stylist. She surrounded herself with stylists that had been in the industry for many years and absorbed any and all the information that they had to offer. Finally, she landed at Fish Hair Salon and has loved every day since she started.

    “I love the quality experience that my clients receive when they visit me at Fish – I am all about the details, it’s the little things that make for a quality service.”

    “I want my clients to feel taken care of, and whatever style I create for them at the salon I want them to be able to recreate that look at home.”

    In addition to being a stylist, Angela is a mom and she loves cooking and spending time with her family – especially her daughter.

  • “Our hair is the only accessory we wear every day – I want my clients to love their hair.”

    Executive Stylist

    You know when Ashley is in the salon because you can hear her laughter ringing throughout the salon – she loves a good story and great hair.

    Ashley started her career at Fish weeks after completing her formal training back in 2010, however, you might say that her career as a stylist started when she was just a kid.

    Since Ashley arrived at Fish Hair Salon she has upgraded her skills at some of North America’s most respected training studios: Bumble University New York, Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica and Hair Story in Manhattan.

    Ashley chose Fish Hair Salon for the training and mentoring program, but she has stayed for the relationships that she has built with her co-workers and her clients.

    “Every day is special – I get to come to work and be with my friends!”

  • “Sometimes clients drop in just to tell me how much they love their hair. When your work enables you to make people feel that happy, it just never gets old!”


    Duan has been styling for ten years and working at Fish for two (and “loving it!”).

    Like all of Fish’s senior stylists, Duan was invited to join the Fish family because she is versatile enough to do an outstanding job cutting or colouring pretty well anyone who walks in the front door. However Duan has a special fondness for short detail cuts, for working with curly hair and for “complicated” colouring challenges.

    Duan also has a standing offer to her existing clients or to newcomers:

    “I am always happy to share all my knowledge.

    I tell people ‘Don’t be shy about booking a complimentary consultation where you can come in and pick my brains. You can even bring in pictures from magazines and we’ll figure out the options that fit your style and your budget.

    If I can help you leave the salon knowing how to care for your hair, how to style it, maybe with some fresh ideas, then I’ve done my job.”

  • “Bio under construction”

    Advanced Stylist

    Emily joins us with 6 years of experience and knowledge in the industry. She is sweet as pie, detail oriented and cares about delivering a quality service! She loves her job because she gets to make people feel good, look their best and help them to express their uniqueness. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, she re-located to the westcoast a few years ago – she enjoys being active and loves being in the outdoors. Emily had heard about the educational opportunities offered at Fish and our commitment to growing strong stylists, here she will be able to stretch her skills and grown her natural talent.

    She loves creating beautiful ‘looks’ and hairstyles for special occasions, if you need an updo or a blow out for a special occasion, Emily is your girl.

  • “I want my clients to feel involved in their appointment; I want them to feel like they are being heard and leave the salon with beautiful, healthy hair.”


    The path that brought her to Fish – has always been fuelled by her long-standing personal passion:

    “I was so fascinated with hair from a very young age... that I used to beg my friends to let me style them for all their big events.”

    “That passion grew stronger over the years – so much that she actually volunteered her first salon job.

    After apprenticing Julie was recruited by Fish in 2013 as a “rising star.” Fish chose Julie for her passion, her styling skills and her ability to connect with people.

    Julie chose Fish because of its unmatched in-house mentoring and training, and because the salon’s approach to clients matched her own:

    “When I connect with a guest I want to focus on more than just the hair – I want to build healthy relationships where the guest feels totally comfortable and we have two-way trust. A good stylist is an artist and we have an impact on the physical being of individuals.”

  • “Helping my clients to love their hair in turn makes me feel great! When we look good we feel good, and feeling good is important.”

    Graduate Stylist

    One of the reasons why Taylor believes she was inspired to follow her dream as a stylist is because she struggled with her own hair for years. She understands how important it is to have a stylist take the time to find the best hairstyle for their clients – she believes that listening to her clients is one of the best ways to help. From there she can create a style that is wearable and she is always happy to share styling tips and tricks with her clients.

    You will find Taylor behind the chair, cutting and colouring hair and every once and a while she will be assisting and learning from one of her mentors at Fish. She has always been creative and enjoys expressing her creativity through hair. She continues to practice her craft on all of her friends and anyone that she can get her hands on. When she finished hair school she sought out opportunities to gain more experience by volunteering at a variety of locations to keep her skill set fresh.

    When she is not doing hair she is obsessively checking out new recipes, cooking something delicious and trying out new restaurants. Good food and great hair is life for Taylor.

    “Once I started hair school, I never looked back, I feel like I will always be learning and evolving.”

  • “Bio under construction”

    Advance Stylist

    Coming soon

  • “I love creating beautiful hair styles for my clients that are easy for them to maintain and style themselves. It is so important to teach your client how to style their hair so that they can have great hair for weeks after their initial visit to the salon .”

    Graduate Stylist

    After three years of working at a salon in Saskatoon Wendy decided to seek inspiration on the west coast. Upon her arrival to Victoria she very quickly found Fish Hair Salon and instantly knew that this was where she wanted to be. “Since joining the Fish team I have had the opportunity to mentored under some amazing stylists and learned some new techniques which I believe has given me the opportunity to fully advance my skill set.”

    You will find Wendy behind the chair most of the time, but every once and a while she will seize the opportunity to assist one of our top stylist – her drive and desire to advance her talent is what keeps her feeling energized. She loves the industry and the creativity that it allows and she loves to share her knowledge about all things hair with her clients! She wants her guests to have their best hair when they leave the salon, up until their next visit.

    “I feel like I have tripled my skill and confidence since joining Fish – I am obsessed with my career in the best way!”

  • “Bio under construction”

    Graduate Stylist

    Coming soon

  • “Bio under construction”


    Coming soon

  • “Making sure that all of our guests fell totally taken care of, is what I love to do.”

    Salon Coordinator

    Reyna joined Fish Hair Salon with little knowledge of the salon industry, but an extensive background in customer service and management – she is passionate and full of ideas.

    “I had been a client of Fish Hair Salon for a number of years, and learned of an opportunity that peaked my interest, and shortly after I was on board. I enjoy every minute of my time spent at Fish, and look forward to adding to the creative landscape within the salon.”

    Reyna has always been drawn to the fashion and beauty industry… “I love, and appreciate being surrounded by such creative and talented people - it’s inspiring.”

    “It is very important to me that all of our guests feel welcome, relaxed and taken of at Fish, and hopefully we can add some extra sunshine to your day!”

  • ”I love to help people look their best because if you look your best you usually feel your best!”

    Front Desk Coordinator

    When Michelle was looking for a new job, she did not have to look far. Her sister was working at the salon at the time and recommended it highly:

    “The rest is history! I love working here!”

    Michelle is the wedding coordinator at Fish. Weddings are always hectic but she remembers with pride the time a bride came from Vancouver totally stressed and looking for a salon to accommodate her large wedding party – for her Sunday wedding barely a month away! Michelle made a few calls and managed to bring in a few extra stylists in order to fit everyone in.

    “A few weeks after the wedding, we received an email with wedding photos and thanking us for the great job we did!”

    That was a special moment!

  • "I could easily spend all my working time managing the salon, but every few days I squeeze in an old client because I still love picking up the scissors and making someone look good and feel good."

    Stylist and Owner

    Like many of the other stylists she has gathered around her at Fish, Donna fell in love with hair styling at a very early age: "When I was a little kid I couldn't wait to go to the salon, and by high school my friends and I were always doing extreme experiments on each other's hair." Her passion for styling didn't actually transform itself into a career plan until after Donna graduated. "I was 19 years old and my father took me out for one of those What are you going to do when you grow up? dinners. By the time dessert arrived I made a decision: I was going to be a hair stylist." Shorty after dinner with Dad, Donna enrolled in styling school.

    That was almost 25 years ago, and a long time before she even thought about opening her own salon. "The first ten years I was the typical Gypsy stylist. I worked at four different salons. One of those moves happened after my new boss literally chased me down the street offering me a job." After a decade in the business Donna took six months off and chilled out in French Beach on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island. It was during this break she invented Fish and, with her tiny savings account, a credit card and a whole bunch of volunteer friends, she opened up what started as a one-person, five seat salon in the current Broad Street location.
    That was 1998.

    Today Donna works with almost two dozen other stylists and, although she still takes care of a handful of long-term clients, she now devotes most of her time (and her passion) to making Fish an excellent experience for her team and their guests.