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Meet our Stylists.
Find a match made in heaven.

Our diverse team of professional stylists will help you achieve your best hair.

We categorize our stylists into three groups; Executive, Advanced and Graduate. Stylists achieve Executive status through education and experience in a variety of settings including community and fashion work, advanced education courses and teaching and mentoring stylists in the salon.

Advanced Stylists have completed advanced education and demonstrated commitment and passion to their craft while developing their client relationships and mentoring abilities.

Graduate Stylists are the foundation of our salon and we invest heavily in educating and coaching our Graduate stylists through an extensive 120+ hour program. Our Graduates are confident and demonstrate technical ability before they take appointments.

Our skilled support staff ensure salon operations run smoothly and while placing equal emphasis on providing an exceptional client experience.

Yasmin Morris

Yasmin Morris

Executive Stylist

About Yasmin
A seasoned vet with more than 20 years of experience, Yasmin specializes in all things colour, with a passion for creating healthy, glossy colours in all shades of the spectrum; from the blondest of blondes to vibrant reds, rich brunettes, soft pastels- and everything in between.

When she’s not executing beautiful colour, you’ll find her putting her style and texture skills to work, creating beautiful bridal hair, updos, extensions or perms.

Yasmin has extensive editorial experience; her work has been featured on tv, and in movies and magazines, including Salon Magazine, Niche Magazine, and on Chek Television.

More on Yasmin
+ Stylist since 1997
+ Credentials/Awards/Events Attended include:

+ American Board-Certified Hair Colourist
+ Gold Medalist for L’Oreal Colour Trophy (2000)
+ Gold Medalist for L’Oreal Colour Trophy (1999)

Quote Yasmin Lives By
“Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off.” – unknown

Yasmin offers haircolour services exclusively.

Antonia Fantillo

Executive Stylist

About Antonia
With a spontaneous start in hair that began in her teenage years, Antonia’s approach to continuing education has been anything but spontaneous. With a solid track record for her consistent twice annually attendance at Bumble and Bumble University, Antonia has proudly attended more classes at the prestigious New York academy than any other stylist in Greater Victoria.

“These courses always challenge me to move out to the edge, and I always go back to my clients in Victoria with fresh ideas for cutting and styling and colouring. BBU also inspires us to dig down inside ourselves and find new ways to build personal connections with the guests in our salon chair.”

Antonia specializes in thick hair, curly hair, all things colour, bonded extension applications, bridal hair, updos and styling.

More on Antonia
+ Stylist since 1996
+ Credentials/Awards/Events Attended include:

+ Bumble and Bumble University (New York, 2X annually)
+ Great Lengths Extension training

Quote Antonia Lives By
“Whatever you choose to do in life is fine as long as there is life-long learning.” – Antonia’s father

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Antonia F
James J

James Jones

Executive Stylist

About James
James has worked as a stylist at Fish, his one and only salon, since 2010.

He wanted to work at Fish so badly he started off applying as a receptionist while attending styling school. At the job interview owner Donna saw James’ passion for styling and sensed his talent and hired him to work the cutting floor as an assistant.

James hasn’t looked back, and today he is preparing to sit for certification by the American Board of Hair Colorists. For James it’s not just about the techniques and the tools, the real pleasure of his work at Fish comes from making his guests feel great.

James believes that looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good you approach everything in life with more confidence, including the really important goals.

More on James
+ Stylist since 2010
+ Credentials/Awards/Events Attended include:

+ Assisted editorial hair stylist Jawara for Section 8 Show for NYFW runway show, and Vaquera Show (2017)
+ Assisted on set of for the video created to re-cap NYFW2017 (2017)
+ Assisted Howard Mclaren for the launch of R+Co Canada’s on-stage hair show (2016)
+ Goldwell Balayage Class (Santa Monica, 2016)
+ R+Co Mens Cutting Class with Thom Priano (Miami, 2015)
+ La Biosthetique’s Master Colour Class (2014)

Quote James Lives By
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will always remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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Sandra Zipsin

Executive Stylist

About Sandra
Since she was a schoolchild in Switzerland, Sandra began enthusiastically volunteering to style friends and family just for the fun of it. After taking a co-op term at a salon at just 12 years old, Sandra really embraced her true love for hair.

When she reached ninth grade she switched from regular high school and started a four-year Swiss apprenticeship in styling hair – a learning experience that enabled her to master professional styling skills at a relatively young age.

Before moving to Canada, Sandra spent several years working as a stylist in Europe – where she also took additional training at world-leading institutes like L’Oréal and Pivot Point.

After a brief period working in Canada, Sandra relocated to Victoria (and to Fish) in 2014. Today, she specializes in mature hair types, natural-looking hair, highlights, brunettes, curly and fine hair, short cuts and barbering techniques.

More on Sandra
+ Stylist since 2000
+ Credentials/Awards/Events Attended include:

+ Goldwell Balayage Class (Santa Monica, 2016)
+ R+Co Mens Cutting Class with Thom Priano (Miami, 2015)
+ Tony & Guy Hair Dressing Academy Class (Germany, 2007)
+ Toni & Guy Hair Dressing Academy Barbering Class (London, 2004)
+ Pivot Point Training (Switzerland, 2003)
+ Geweblich – Industrielle Berufsschule Bern school + apprenticeship (Switzerland, 2000-2004)

Quote Sandra Lives By
“Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Sandra Zipsin
Angela DeZewart

Angela De Zwart

Executive Stylist

About Angela
A stylist for more than 15 years, Angela started her career at a high end salon where she quickly expanded her talents and skills; surrounding herself with stylists that had been in the industry for many years and absorbing all of the information that they had to offer before joining the diverse team of professionals at Fish.

An extremely skilled haircutter, evidenced by precision and detail,  Angela has a passion for graduated bobs and specializations with mature hair, thick hair and curly hair, as well as with natural-looking colours and highlights. Angela loves creating hair looks that can easily be recreated at home.

More on Angela
+ Stylist since 2004

Quote Angela Lives By
“I am all about the details, it’s the little things that make for a quality service.”

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Shannon Trowsdale

Executive Stylist

About Shannon
Shannon has worked at three salons during her 13-year career as a stylist – and two of those salons stints are at Fish. She spent her first five years at Fish, before working as a stylist in Bermuda for two years and subsequently returning to Fish.

Globetrotting is nothing new for Shannon, who was born in Great Britain, grew up in the Middle East and moved to Victoria in 2002. After completing her training as a hair stylist, she went back to England for post-graduate study at Vidal Sassoon before re-settling in Victoria and starting her initial gig at Fish.

Shannon loves the combination of travel and training and has been to Bumble & Bumble University in New York several times. She also went back to London for a second refresher course at Sassoon, and studied cutting in Los Angeles with Nick Arrojo – the stylist from the TV show “What Not To Wear.”

Shannon specializes in classic long and natural hair looks, mature hair and highlights and balayage, along with bridal hair including classic and elegant updos.

More on Shannon
+ Stylist since 2006

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Shannon Etchels
Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore

Advanced Stylist

About Taylor
One of the reasons why Taylor was inspired to follow her dream as a stylist is because she struggled with her own hair for years. As such, she understands how important it is to have a stylist take the time to find the best hairstyle for their clients – she believes that listening to her clients is one of the best ways to help. From there she can create a style that is wearable and she is always happy to share styling tips and tricks with her clients.

You will find Taylor behind the chair, cutting and colouring hair. She has always been creative and enjoys expressing her creativity through hair. She continues to practice her craft on all of her friends and anyone that she can get her hands on.

Taylor specializes in beachy, sunkissed balayage, working with the natural texture of hair, working with and building on the inherent and natural tonality of her clients’ hair colour.

More on Taylor
+ Stylist since 2015
+ Credentials/Awards/Events Attended include:

+ Classic Curl Set with R + Co educator Dee Kane (2018)
+ Classic bob cutting class with Oribe educator Jami Symons (2018)

Quote Taylor Lives By
“Find what you love, and let it kill you.” – Charles Bukowski

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Wendy Barnes

Advanced Stylist

About Wendy
After three years of working at a salon in Saskatoon, Wendy decided to seek inspiration on the west coast. Upon her arrival to Victoria she very quickly found Fish Hair Salon and instantly knew that this was where she wanted to be.

You will find Wendy behind the chair most of the time, but every once and a while she will seize the opportunity to assist one of our top stylists – her drive and desire to advance her talent is what keeps her feeling energized. She loves the industry and the creativity that it allows and loves to share her knowledge about all things hair with her clients.

With a love for creating natural texture, waves and curls, Wendy specializes in perms and creating personalized hair cuts and fades, using both clipper and scissor techniques, along with updo’s.

More on Wendy
+ Stylist since 2013

Quote Wendy Lives By
“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” – Alice Walker

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Wendy Barnes
Sydney Kennedy

Sydney Kennedy

Graduate Stylist

About Sydney
Sydney graduated from Aveda Institute in 2017 after relocating from Medicine Hat, Alberta.  The Island provides Sydney with vast opportunities to explore the outdoors, a lover of nature and camping she will sometimes pack up her banjo and head out into the wilderness.  When seeking inspiration from her surroundings she often looks to music and film, “music is my biggest thing. I love sifting through old vinyl at the record shop.”

Her approach is laid back and honest, she enjoys cutting and creating real life, liveable, workable hair and in fact she draws a lot of her enthusiasm from hair just by observing people in their everyday elements.  Her natural talents range from short cuts to 1970’s inspired shags, to balayage and ombre.  Sydney’s clients enjoy her relaxed and humble energy – along with a great hair cut of course.

Sydney specializes in short cuts, mullets, shags, bobs, and quirky styles.

More on Sydney
+ Stylist since 2017
+ Credentials/Awards/Events Attended include:

+ Classic Curl Set with R + Co educator Dee Kane (2018)
+ Classic bob cutting class with Oribe educator Jami Symons (2018)

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Amy MacArthur

Graduate Stylist

About Amy
Amy may be a newer stylist behind the chair, but she has immersed herself in the culture of hair since joining us at Fish Hair Salon in 2016.  Before committing to hair school, she worked as a personal assistant to James Jones, like a sponge, she absorbed everything that he taught her from cutting, to colouring, perming and styling.  “I will forever be grateful to James for taking me under his wing.”

Amy is a dedicated, hard-working stylist who has what it takes to go far in this industry and it is inspiring to us to watch her build and her natural talents and skillsets. Her down-to-earth, and relatable style of communicating always leave her guests feeling comfortable and taken care of.  Her talents are diverse and unlimited from short cuts, men’s styling, to long layered cuts, curtain bangs, perms, and elegant updo’s.

Amy specializes in fine hair, curly hair, natural sun-kissed balayage, vivid/fashion colours, extensions (tape-in, bonded and fusion) and updo’s.

More on Amy
+ Stylist since 2019
+ Credentials/Awards/Events Attended include:

+ High Achievement Award from the Academy of Excellence (2019)
+ Babe Hair Extension Certification (2020)

Quote Amy Lives By
“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style.” – Maya Angelou

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Amy MacArthur

Maddy Picot

Graduate Stylist

About Maddy
Full bio coming soon.

Maddy specializes in fine hair, emphasizing natural texture and bold unconventional styles and colour, as well as extensions (tape-in, bonded and fusion).

More on Maddy
+ Stylist since 2020
+ Credentials/Awards/Events Attended include:

+ Graduate from the Academy of Excellence
+ Oribe Bob Cutting Class (2020)

+ Oribe Cue the Curls Class: styling for highly textured hair (2020)

+ Babe Hair Extensions Certification (2020)

Quote Maddy Lives By
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Suess

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Donna Dyer

Executive Stylist & Owner

About Donna
As founder and owner of Fish, Donna has more than 30 years of experience behind the chair. Like many of the other stylists she has gathered around her at Fish, Donna fell in love with hair styling at a very early age, although her passion for hair didn’t transform itself into a career plan until after Donna graduated.

After a number of brief stints at different salons, Donna took some time off, spending time in French Beach on Vancouver Island, during which point she envisioned Fish. In 1998 she opened a five seat salon in the current Broad Street location.

Fast forwarding to today, Donna still works with a handful of long-term clients, although she devotes most of her time, passion and energy to making Fish an excellent experience for her team and their guests.

More on Donna
+ Stylist since 1989

Quote Donna Lives By
“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Donna is not taking on new clients. 

Donna Dyer

Support Staff

Reyna Goshinmon

Salon Coordinator

Danielle Baiton

Salon Coordinator

Hellen Tran

Salon Coordinator
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